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Apostille Services provides expedited apostille, authentication, and embassy legalization services for every type of document, from marriage certificates, birth certificates to company invoices, certificates of incorporation, hiring documents, certificates of origin, and more.

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At Apostille Services, our goal is to make obtaining a California Apostille for your documents as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

First of all, you need to download our order forms. You can download the order forms from this website. However, make sure you download the order forms from the U.S. state your document originates from or will be notarized in. For example, download the Colorado order forms if your document originates from Colorado or will be notarized in Colorado, USA.

You can also call us directly. Our knowledgeable staff members will email you the order forms and step-by-step instructions. Mail your completed order forms and documents to the address mentioned on the order form. Rest assured, we will quickly return the legalized documents to you. Get in touch with us today.


Apostille Services is one of the leading apostille service companies in the United States. We have offices in the leading US cities. We process documents from all 50 U.S. States. We have years of experience and we authenticate piles of documents monthly. From individuals to corporations, we serve all.

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